Lisa McShane
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Artist Statement

I paint landscapes to capture light and to convey a powerful record of the world I see. 

These lands are at my core. In northwest Washington I capture the crystal clear light, early dawn, cold northern lakes, fog and long, dark shadows of winter. In eastern Washington I convey the stark beauty of this exposed, eroded land using a saturated, luminous light so that I can chase and give form to my memories.

The rich light falling on the shrub-steppe, hills and coulees are among my earliest visual impressions. Watching the ribbon of road carve through yellow fields was the map of my childhood.

I formally studied art – oil painting and cast metal sculpture – at Sonoma State University in northern California. My primary focus was bronze sculpture and in my paintings today you can see the slow, layered, multi-step technique and the graphic, abstracted shapes of those years of study.

Today I work to convey the world that I see. My goal in painting landscapes is not to document a place but to convey atmosphere, memory and the power of the land and light.

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